Family Restaurant

Warm, delicious food is the cornerstone of any great family meal. It drives conversations and brings people together. The sweet and delectable aromas that carry from the kitchen are a key indicator of the type of meal that lies ahead. Here at Hawaiian Grill, we embody the core tenants that bring families together. Our family restaurant is the epitome of what we value in both our own families and our food. If you are looking for a fantastic place to bring people together for good food, our steak house can not be beat. We serve a wide variety of different kinds of tantalizing dishes that aim to keep you coming back over and over again. Some of the great food we have on offer include; our Burger Sandwich, Chicken Wings, and our famous Hawaiian food. Our restaurant has something for everyone and it’s quality is something that can not be matched. We hope if you are in the mood for a one of a kind dining experience, that you look at Hawaiian Grill, for your next meal. Our doors are always open.


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Grill Restaurant

One of the cornerstones of our fantastic service is our large scale industrial grill. Our grill allows us to cook any of our food to perfection. If you want to bring a party of friends and family for a good meal, we have the seating space to fit everyone. No matter the type of food for the night's festivities, we will have it hot and ready for you. If you are looking for quality fish or shrimp, our fantastic seafood restaurant is better than any dedicated fishery. If fish does not sound appetizing to you, we also have a huge variety of American delicacies as well. Our burgers and chicken wings are inexpensive and give you a great serving size to satisfy your hunger. If you're looking for a great lunch option, our lunch specials are to die for. We always have great deals on our food, no matter what you are looking for. No matter what time of the day it is we always have a great selection of mouth watering food ready to send you into everlasting bliss. Feel free to call us at (314) 405-8111, for more information.

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Take Out

Sometimes it can be hard to dedicate a block of time to sitting in a restaurant and enjoy a meal. If your in need of incredible food to eat at your desk or at home, our take out services are only a phone call away. With take out, any of our amazing food can be brought home and enjoyed. Most of our menus offerings are available for take out dinning. Don’t want to to sit in to enjoy delicious fish and chicken? Call it in. We can have it ready to go by the time you get here. Are you in the mood for one of fantastic appetizers? Our yummy appetizers service is a great add on for any take out choice. Appetizers are a fantastic way to make sure the whole family gets in on the delicious fun without having to break the bank or their stomachs. When it comes to portion control, we don't have any. We make sure every order you get is piled to the sky. We make sure that you get every cents worth of our delicious food. If you want delicious food at an incredible value then {Company), of St. Louis, MO is here to serve.

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Catering Service

Sometimes take out isn't even an option for when you want to dive into a plate of our delicious food. In cases like those why not have the food brought to you? Our catering services are primed and at the ready to take care of any size order. Our catering services are perfect for any event, If you are looking for the perfect pair of food and fun for a wedding, our wedding catering offerings are perfect. If your office is having a large party or a corporate event and is need of food. Our event catering or party event service offerings are only a phone call away. Catering is perfect for when you want our amazing food selection shared with the ones you love. Our entire menu is at your disposal with our catering services. If you want amazing service with a smile, feel free to contact Hawaiian Grill, of St. Louis, MO at (314) 405-8111 today!


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